"Remembering the Ancient Waste, The Compost Has Begun!"

 ~Blake Spencer, MM2017

Second year apprentices continue to work within our living mandala of intuitive and lineage based tools and practices that support the unconventional wisdom keeper in sharing their unique spirit medicine on a professional level while maintaining excellent physical, emotional, and psychological health.


December 13th-17th 2018

March 21st-25th 2019

June 20th-24st 2019

September 19th-23rd 2019







The second year apprenticeship journey includes:

• 4 seasonal online zoom meetings

• 4  four day in person gatherings (Thursday 1pm-Monday 1 pm).

• At each in person gathering you will receive group reading assignments and a seasonal exploration packet to assist you in exploring and integrating the tools and practices introduced.

• Your own section of the forum for posting about material not covered in Year One. 

• Second Year apprentices are also eligible to book discounted intuitive guidance sessions and individual medicine journey work with Yaya (more details available in person)

• Discounted Somatic Skype Sessions or in person Bodywork with Carrie Lou.


Each in person gathering will include:


• 2 and 3 Day Deeper Dives into specialized content in Tantric, Daoist, and Native Lineages with more advanced lineage practitioners. (See Below for details)

• Dream Yoga, Void Mapping, Plant, Bacteria & Fungi Medicine Theory and Practice, group ritual time and Dieta friendly treats with Yaya,

• Tree Planting

• Womb Chi Gong Daily Movement and other touch based somatic integration practices, and training specific to building healthy client/ practitioner relationships with Carrie Lou and various experienced trainers of healing arts professionals.











Dakini’s Mirror with laura amazzone

After introducing us to nature spirits of the Tantric Traditions in our first year apprenticeship, Laura returns to share with us the Dakini’s Mirror, a mandala of elements and the mind, a powerful traditional lineage practice for liberating obstructed emotions into pristine awareness. (If you have already received these teachings from Laura, not to worry, it is traditional in this lineage to receive these teachings 3 or 4 times for those trully desiring to receive the full benefit available.


Mandala 2: Beyond Duality: Daoist Adventures in the Ecstatic Liminal with Eve Bradford

Beyond Duality: Daoist Adventures in the Ecstatic Liminal. We will be engaging with a combination of language, ritual and lineage based Daoist practices to develop personal, practical strategies for embodying the full expression of our less curated magical selves in an integrated, balanced way. With an understanding of Eros as the foundational energy of all life, we will learn more traditional perspectives on working with our Jade Eggs, as well as other ways to refine and work with our own procreative energy to navigate the profound and potentially beautiful complexities of the path of the modern mystic. Click here for more about Eve.


Motherpeace Tarot Imersion with Vicki Noble

Vicki will be facilitating a Mothepeace Tarot Immersion as part of the Archetypal Medicine core component of our second year program. This will take place as a 3 day in person training as a continuation of our study of natural law through archetypes, patterns, and cycles. Click Here for more about Vicki.

Erika Gagnon.jpg

Tobacco WISDOM and Practice with Erika Gagnon

Erika will share Tobacco wisdom and practice with our second year apprentices. Click Here for more about Erika.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 11.21.13 PM.png

Golden Drake

Golden will share movement and embodiment practices from the Orisha tradition into which she has been initiated and practiced for over a decade, enabling participants to have a personal experience of the relationship between traditional “dance”, and communion with nature spirits of the ancestral traditions of planet earth. Click Here for more about Golden.





Collaborative Kitchen







Because we consider the behind the scenes "event coordination/ production" skillset to be essential for those wishing to operate within the framework of community, family, or business, all second year apprentices will be considered "Work Trade" and rotate through all of the tasks necessary to create a environment that is conducive to learning, nourishing and healing. Because the cost for visiting instructors is about 3 times higher than last year, and the group size smaller, this is also an important way that we will keep the cost of receiving precious teachings in such an intimate way accessible. Second year apprenticeships will work in small assigned groups to provide their own creative seasonal GAPS friendly meals for one another, pot luck style. You will receive your meal prep team assignment from Details Devi Erin Leigh at least 1 month prior to each in person gathering.


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