Caitlin Deane



About Caitlin:

Caitlin is a clay artist, earth artictectress, wilder babe, and in service to the earth beneath her feet. After receiving her BFA in Ceramics from MICA in 2012, she left the east coast to pursue the vastness of the southwest and an education in natural building at the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth).

Her discovery of clay and its endless possibilities opened a path for her to develop a reverence towards local and natural materials. Throughout the past six years, Caitlin has tended to several projects, apprenticeships, and earthworks at Cal-Earth while also strengthening her ceramic skills as a production potter. The process of sculpting vessels with the earth, whether its a bowl or a house, has helped her connect more deeply with her body and surrounding environment. Caitlin's fulfillment comes from practicing earth-based skills, and connecting with others through shared experiences of creation. Through her work, she allows clay’s transformative properties, fragility, and ephemerality to discuss impermanence and change. Caitlin encourages us to see clay as a mirror for our own metamorphosis.

Caitlin is currently living and working at her home studio near Joshua Tree, CA where she devotes her time growing her ceramics business, Urthen.


About Caitlin's Offering:  All around the world, archeologists continue to discover sacred sites where thousands of ceramic goddess figurines have been found and studied for clues into ancient societies and their peaceful,  Goddess based ways of living.  Caitlin will be joining us for our final in person gathering as our guide to working directly with the earth element to create devotional ceramic art as both sacred objects and as offerings.  


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