Eve Bradford

Writer, Ceremonialist, Educator


About Eve: Prolific in the areas of writing, ceremony, and education, Eve is the author of Instructions to a Young Magician (From Herself). Eve is often called upon to offer counsel and guidance to individuals, couples and groups, and to create and facilitate ceremonies of all kinds, from weddings to rites of passage to memorials. At the heart of the matter is Eve's innately ecstatic nature, a great love for the web of life, and a hopeful diligence applied to creating a myriad of experiences coaxing others to fall equally in love with the world.


About Eve's Offering:

For Year One, Eve will be teaching Love Letters to the Wild during our February in person gathering. This unique class is a ritual exploration of language, power and ecstasy all in service to the Divine Feminine principle that is the fertile ground of the natural world. Together we will learn accessible yet effective practices for opening up our channel of connection and how to use writing and language as a powerful tool for cultivating creative potency, liberated sensuality and the unconditional love that is so necessary to thrive in all our relations.

For those who choose to continue on for year two, Eve will be offering Beyond Duality: Daoist Adventures in the Ecstatic Liminal. More info on Year Two coming soon!


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