Apprentice Feedback

Hello Sisters,

We are thinking of and feeling you all so deeply in the landscape of Elder Farm. We had such an incredible experience with you all, and also recognize that there is always lots of room for growth! This feedback form has been created to help us all to have the opportunity to heard, and to have the medicine of our unique perspective become a means by which this program improves over time. We will mail a small thank you gift to each of you who completes the form in the next 30 days, so we have time to integrate the feedback before beginning again with the new group.

Blessings and Love,


If you would like to remain anonymous, please feel free to leave this name field blank. If you would like to still receive the small thank you gift but have a few comments you desire to remain anonymous, please fill out this form twice. One with your name and the other without your name and any feedback you desire to have remain anonymous.
Best Mailing Address
Best Mailing Address
Please explain what was the least interesting/least engaging element of the curriculum for you and what you may have been happy to have less of? Your honest feedback helps us to grow and make the space a conducive learning environment for women of all walks of life drawn to this path.
Did you encounter the fierce aspect of goddess within yourself in our year together? Discover your gentleness?
Did you experience adequate role modeling of non-violent communication from your facilitators?
Do you feel these NVC teachings do or can support you in the shared space and or in the rest of your life?
Talk about your perception of power dynamics within the group. It is our intention to have the amount of power any individual holds within the shared space be directly proportional to the amount of responsibility they take on on behalf of maintaining the learning environment. What was your perception of power dynamics within this group?
Did you experience any perception of power dynamics that you were uncomfortable with in your time with us?