The Road Less Travelled

In the Wise Woman Tradition as well as many other ancient traditions including Tantric and Sumerian traditions, people of all genders choose to take the council of, be guided by, and eventually fully embody the wisdom of their inner Wise Woman.

The Medicine Mandala journey for men and those who do not identify as women begins as an individual journey. We offer guidance and support for those looking to take their relationship with their inner divine feminine nature( or capacity to embody the feminine aspects of consciousness historically referred to as Goddess) to the next level. The path has less to do with sexual or gender identity and more to do with a natural progression of the exploration of what it means to be a nature worshipper, green magic practitioner and/ or servant of Gaia.

If we desire more mature, nurturing, creative, grounded, wise, magical, resilient, multifaceted women into our life, we must first learn how to see and honor those qualities within ourselves.

Green Magic Apprentices explore:

• Upgrading our existing communication and self care skills

• How to journey responsibly and quest with integrity

• Developing the intuition for greater effectiveness in all our endeavors

• How to engage in respectful reciprocal consensual relationships with plant ally’s, teachers, brothers and sisters on the path

• Refining natural gifts and otherwise learning to participate in the greater magical community in mutually uplifting ways.

a 4 season journey through the wheel of the year

Season One:

1. Interview & Intake session (online)

2. Communication Tools (In person instruction and Home Study)

3. First Attunement: Oracle Session (In Person)

Season Two:

4. Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine

5. Nourishing Herbs Dieta (In person instruction and Home Study)

5. Second Attunement: 1/2 Day Individual Instruction & Healing Journey

Season Three:

6. Traditional Sadhana

7. Energy Anatomy (In person instruction and Home Study)

8. Third Attunement: 1/2 Day Individual Instruction & Healing Journey

Season Four:

9. Ancestral Connection & Traditional Nutrition (In person instruction and Home Study)

10. The Basket and the Table: Preparing for Initiation (Online)

11. Initiation: Full day Individual Instruction & Healing Journey

After our 1st few sessions, it may become an option to share seasonal group practice space with other apprentices and visiting teachers of various traditions. After initiation, you will be considered a member of the community and automatically informed of any all-gender practice opportunities and ceremonies at Bridge Temple. If interested in learning more about formal training, please email us with a brief statement of intention.