Jessica Sanchez


                     photo by  miranda guzman

                     photo by miranda guzman

About Jessica: Jessica Sanchez along with her partner David Solomon have been farming for more than 10 years now.  As small organic local farmers, Jessica and David began with no experience, as apprentices of La Milpa Organic Farm and later received support from Stone Brewing company and spent the next 5 years expanding the biodiversity of produce being grown.

Today, their farm Terra Madre Gardens is in a new incarnation and creative role, taking everything they have learned and applying it to manifest a new farm concept born from their sacred journey in this sacred space.  They believe the preservation of small local artisan farms has a critical role in society, and that it is of tremendous importace that these places of inspiration and learning continue to exist for the community to come together and connect.

About the Offering: Our kitchen witches work with seasonal produce and herbs from a variety of sources, including grown at home in their own gardens, and grown by Jessica and her family at Terra Madre Gardens. In addition, Jessica will be joining us for a mealtime discussion of growing our own food at our November in person gathering.


Learn More About Jessica and Terra Madre Gardens Here