Kerem Brulé

Sacred Sound Musician


About Kerem: Kerem Brulé is a professional musician, sound healer, and improvisational soundscape artist. Over the past 4 years, Kerem has worked alongside many facilitators of yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, art, personal growth, and ceremony, weaving live healing sounds into their events. Kerem is also the owner of Beautiful Sounds, helping people reconnect to their musical nature, and is strong believer that anyone has the capacity to bring greater healing to themselves and the world through sound and music when they are provided with gentle guidance and encouragement to explore.

About The Offering: Kerem will be offering live sacred sound to accompaniment at each of our in person gatherings, including our various Elemental Embodiment movement practices facilitated by Golden Drake and Carrie Lou Arnold and Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman.

Follow her musical life and work Here.