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There are a small number of opportunities for those who wish to stand shoulder to shoulder with and spend the entire ceremony weekend with us doing whatever is necessary to tend the harmony for our first year apprentices. As you know, living the wheel of the year and committing to full seasonal observances is a rigorous path filled with planned and unplanned learning opportunities in every moment. Many of you are also figuring out, service is an accelerated pathway to empowerment and personal evolution. If you are “All In”/ interested in this option, please submit a brief statement of what calls you to volunteer in this way and what skills you are most interested in offering to the staff, to new sisters, and to the land, and what skills you are most interested in learning or developing in our time together. All In requires that you self regulate your energy expenditures and make wise choices moderation and self care to ensure that you are fully available to help clean up when the gathering ends and make a strong personal commitment to “leave the campsite cleaner than you found it”


Second Year Apprentices pay $200 per gathering to cover the cost of their meals and maintenance of normal wear and tear on the facilities while on site.

Third Year Apprentices may receive a stipend salary for their continued commitment and sacred service.

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