The Way of the Cauldron





In Person Trainings Include:


• 3 Meals per day of GAPS Diet friendly, locally sourced, seasonal traditional nutrition

• Nourishing herbal infusions provided at every meal

• Nutrient dense herbal tonics, and elixirs provided between meals




 Traditional Nutrition


Many mystics and seekers ask themselves after years of wild experiences, "Yeah, but what's the point?" We have found meaning, purpose and happiness in the pursuit of serving Goddess by embodying Her. We have found that in many shamanic traditions the practitioners die young, the energies they work with exact a great toll on the body. Inspired by Director Erin Rivera Merriman's personal healing journey, our Food Sadhana (daily support practice) aims to enculture an evolutionary approach to the role of Healer/Priestess/Practitioner, and we will have no martyrs for the Goddess on our team. Goddess desires that we be well and serve in joy, and on the level we desire to play on, radical self care and commitment to nourishing yourself and providing for your own very specific needs as a Priestess/Practitioner is of primary importance. Being in right relationship to our food then becomes our primary practice. More than just providing our Priestess/Practitioners with nourishing meals, we are passionate about sharing our best practices in the kitchen that create the solid foundation on which our local mystical community rests. ln addition to receiving 3 meals a day of locally sourced ancestral foods prepared on site by lead kitchen witch Damiana Calavario, we will have daily mini lessons on the medicinal properties of each meal and how they relate to the seasons, Goddesses, themes, and other energies of each in person training module.


Food as sacred RELATIONSHIP


More than nourishing our bodies we will heal and evolve our relationship to food and bring it into the realm of magical practice, alchemy, and Food Sadhana (committed daily practice that creates the support/foundation for your spiritual life.) Some may simply enjoy the exquisite amount of care, creativity and love we have woven into the menu. Others through our time together may find their path in the kitchen, discovering the ways that growing, preparing, and sharing food consciously can serve as a pathway to Liberation complete unto itself. In all cases, we promise a special opportunity to look deeply at and evolve our relationship to nourishment over the course of our time together.


Sample Menu

Our seasonal and local menu is subject to change based on availability of ingredients and the intuitive, creative whims of our team of dedicated kitchen witches.

Saturday Breakfast

  • Good morning infusion
  • Bone broth medicine
  • Papaya Kefir probiotic 
  • Seasonal greens scramble with eggs from chickens raised on site
  • Grilled nopalitos with goat cheese handmade from goats raised on site by land steward Carrie Lou Arnold.
  • Lactofermented red salsa

Saturday mid morning wise woman nourishing herbal infusion:

Restorative, nervine and nutritious Oatstraw


A mix of edible mushrooms infused deer bone broth welcomes a new day warming us from the inside with collagen, cell regeneration, immunity boost and antioxidants. Our own Mexican herbal chai invigorates us to set our intentions with an energy of willingness. Papaya, nopalitos , greens and living fermented foods fill our bodies with fiber and balancing beneficial bacteria, while animal protein trains us to to ground into the gravitas and vigor of the earth element and become increasingly comfortable navigating the world of form by supporting all of our metabolic functions.

Saturday Lunch

  • Botanical Water
  • Squash soup 
  • Almond flour mantecadas (muffins)
  • Cheese butter floral spread 
  • Medicinal honey
  • Chopped raw veggies as garnish
  • Probiotic juice
  • Herbal ice cream


Celebrating crops in season, we offer a comforting meal that is also full of medicine. Elderfarm´s “weeds” infused bone broth features plantain, calendula, nettles and purslane combined with squash puree and topped with raw veggies. Almond flour mantecadas are a great treat for the gut health conscious  to enjoy occasionally with cheese butter floral spread and respiratory support medicinal honey. A probiotic tonic will help us replenish our energy for the afternoon and adaptogenic tulsi berry ice cream to help us feel supported in moving the amount of energy we will be processing together.

Saturday Dinner

  • Bone broth medicine
  • Afternoon warm horchata
  • Chicken tinga 
  • Local greens salad
  • Probiotic vinaigrette 
  • Salted herbal pepitas
  • Pumpkin pie

Late night sleepy time infusion:

Valerian, passion flower, lemon balm 


An everyday kind of meal in Mexico City that´s super easy on our digestive system: carminative herbal bone broth (oregano, coriander, epazote, ginger), onion and red cooked salsa shredded chicken and local salad with living dressing. Horchata is a traditional milky beverage from the south east part of the country, our own version features herbs such as: rosemary, anise, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom; paired with seasonal pumpkin pie.