YEAR TWO Intentions


collaboration• Regeneration •Reforestation

• Initiation•  



Our curriculum is cumulative and our Year Two program is open to graduates of year one only. Second year apprentices continue to deepen their study of sacred arts and cultivate essential skills and tools for their medicine path. We will continue to share intuitive and lineage based practices for maintaining a thriving direct personal relationship to the intelligence of the natural world for the purpose of becoming able to fully participate in and serve the dance of life. We will remain open and listening for emerging understanding our our individual purpose and our shared purpose or larger reason that spirit has brought us together while exploring within the emerging sense of shared purpose between Medicine Mandala and Elder Farm, which is contributing to the long term health of the Cleveland National Forest in unique and tangible ways.

In Person Trainings

December 14th

March 25th

June 21st and

September 20th


Year Two in person trainings will open on Thursday afternoons at 1 pm and close on Mondays at 2pm.

More details and Information will be posted in our Private Forum


Year two Facilitators