“Stepping away from that world where the tension between seen and unseen, the acknowledged and ignored forces runs so high, and into the nourishing vessel of Elder Farm, gave November’s gathering a flavor of celebration for me, a lightness, a break, a festivity, and feast for the senses.  Being together in sisterhood, in prayer, in medicine space, was joyful and easy and I was aware of a grace that seemed to be passing too fast no matter how sincerely I endeavored to savor it.  

Profound openings came for me through the voicing my prayers inside the container of group intention and sacred space.  I recall a certain new feeling of cohesion emerging, a blurring of the lines of identity into a deeply shared experience of sisterhood, not an erasure of uniqueness but a lack of emphasis on individual personalities that was comforting to me.

As we sat gathered again around the ancestor altar I spoke my prayers aloud, offering gratitude to the shrewd survival strategies of my forebears and asking to be released now of any patterns of hiding that no longer served my soul’s highest truth, so that I can come into the world shining the light that I have to shine.”

- Elena



“ Thank you for everything you have offered to my path this year. i purposely did not take another class i was looking at bc i thought it would be “too much”. “herbs”, i thought. “nice and gentle”, I thought. lol! little did i know that this apprenticeship would take me right to the place i was trying to avoid. because you can’t avoid it at a certain point. i’m learning this. and honestly, i can’t imagine a better set up to assist me through this transformation. this group reinforces my ability to feel safe. you guided us and gave us tools to help us create that safety for ourselves and i am so grateful for that. safety doesn’t just exist in this world. you can’t depend on others to make you feel safe. but what i’ve learned so far is that i can step deeper into my responsibility to myself and learn how to communicate and negotiate what makes me feel safe and with whom…”

- Teren


“Every plant we work with, every teacher, and herbal infusion offer an intimately new and unique depth and lesson for my soul to break down… The chakra work and exploration helped not only my own work, but has also shifted the way I work and assess clients as I am sharing breath work with.  My communication with guides and spirits has dramatically changed and I am finding it easier to clearly hear the messages and know what is being communicated.”

- Blake


" I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being a part of this Apprenticeship.  It is such a blessing for me to feel like I am a part of something that exactly speaks to what my soul wants to see being propagated in the world.  I feel seen, heard, supported, and understood more than I ever have in a group setting before.  The topics that are in each module really build on each other and touch a deeper part of me that inspires growth…. I have felt some definitive shifts since being introduced to Yaya’s teachings.  I feel like I now have more resources to go to when I am feeling lost.  Just the nourishment protocols alone help tremendously and I can feel the difference when I  follow them…  All of the wisdom that is being introduced to us is exactly what I am yearning for. 

It’s perfect!"



“I am so grateful that I am a part of this group… Women in circle, healing ourselves, Sitting under the tree canopy, letting the dark creep in around us.  Nothing to be afraid of in the woods.  Doing the simple, needed, gracious work of forgiveness.  I feel aware that for hundreds of years, women weren’t allowed to sit in the woods together in this way, to make magic together, to be whole together, to work with the earth and the plants like this.  I am so grateful for the simple joy of doing this, and that we are safe here, now, to open those portals of healing together.  For being held, by each other, by the darkness, by the earth under us and tree’s canopy around us.

I don’t want to do healing work indoors anymore!  My body and spirit likes being outdoors.  I enjoy the air, the breeze, the ground under my feet, the aliveness and dynamic nature of everything; the presence needed to keep an eye out for snake and other unknowns; the remembering emerges and is beyond my mind’s ability to put into words.  It is so soothing and precious to my being to have those days out on the land.”

- Malika