Vicki noble

Co-Creatress of the Mothepeace Tarot


Vicki Noble is a feminist artist, writer, scholar, and wisdom teacher. Her work is eclectic and complex—a mix of profound knowledge and practices, beginning with feminism as a path to enlightenment, and then building on that foundation through Buddhism, tantra, shamanism, bodywork, and other forms of spiritual understanding and natural medicine. Informed by four decades of scholarly investigation and grounded in daily practice, her teaching is original and experiential.

The female lineage from which she draws is a holistic underground stream that runs from the most ancient times when women were the unquestioned spiritual leaders and teachers at the center of our human communities, and the “language of the Goddess” was a shared one. Her research focus is on tracing this lineage back through time and across continents to its origins in deep antiquity, and to revision the role of women as central to shamanism and tantric practice in all of AfroEurAsia for at least ten millennia.

About the offering: Vicki will be facilitating a Mothepeace Tarot Immersion as part of our second year program. This will take place as a 3 day in person training as a continuation of our study of natural law through archetypes, patterns, and cycles. 


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